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Who do you hire when you need quality construction work at a competitive price?  The answer is Balducci Construction, the company that puts over three decades of experience into every project. 

Balducci Construction will handle your project with trained craftsmen and select materials, so that you can experience the highest quality of construction services available.  We pride ourselves over our competition in our efficiency to expedite a job, which translates into saving money due to less work days for job completion without compromising our quality of work. 

Our services include:

  • Slipform Curbs
  • Commercial Site Concrete
  • Parking Lots
  • Industrial Concrete
  • Concrete Walkways
  • Concrete Curbs
  • Floors
  • Decorative and Stamped Concrete
  • Decorative Patios
  • Large Residential Concrete


We have the manpower, the facilities, and the equipment needed to make your project run as smoothly as possible.  Even if you're faced with an unexpected emergency, we strive to meet your needs, whether your project is big or small.


Not only will we meet your project needs in keeping to a schedule, but we will also be competitive with our pricing.  Concrete is a cost-effective material to use in construction.  With concrete, there is less excavation, decreased stone base, and reduced handling of material, as compared with asphalt.  As you can see below, concrete is the more cost-efficient way to go for your long-term project.

50,000 SF Parking Lot Comparison

3" Asphalt

20 Year Lifespan
Initial Cost $1.85/SF $92,500.00
Initial Excavation Savings -- --
8" Stone Base $17.50/Ton $42,000.00
Sealing $0.07/SF (Yearly) $70,000.00
Striping $0.04/SF (Yearly) $40,000.00
  Total Cost $244,500.00
  Yearly Cost $12,225.00




5" Concrete

40 Year Lifespan
Initial Cost $3.50/SF $175,000.00
Initial Excavation Savings -- ($1,600.00)
6" Stone Base (Optional) $17.50/Ton $31,500.00
Sealing (Optional)   --
Striping (No Need)    
  Total Cost $204,900.00
  Yearly Cost w/ stone $5,122.50*
  Yearly Cost w/out stone $4,335.00

*Does NOT include savings on:

Lighting: More reflective, lighter in color, requires less lights

Maintenance: Less cleaning and replacement of carpet/tile due to staining from asphalt oils.

Contrary to common belief, concrete is more cost effective by over 40% when compared to asphalt.  By using concrete in your building plans, your cost savings can be extraordinary.


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