Benefits of Concrete

Why is Concrete the better choice over Asphalt?

Physical Differences Between Concrete and Asphalt

Asphalt  is made of a hot mix of aggregates (stone, sand, gravel) and liquid asphalt, the oil-based glue which holds everything together.  Concrete is made from American materials such as limestone, rock, and water.  Concrete is also the most used manmade material in the world.

Safety Differences Between Paving with Concrete or Asphalt

Areas that are paved with concrete require less maintenance than those paved with asphalt.  As a result, there is less need for repair crews to handle maintenance of concrete streets and parking lots.  This means less congestion and disruption to work areas, and less danger to road crews and drivers.

Concrete is also more durable than asphalt.  This means that areas paved with concrete are less likely to have potholes.  The surface of concrete is also better as preventing automobile skidding, keeping drivers and their families safe.

Cost Differences of Building & Maintenance of Paving Materials

Concrete pavement's life can range anywhere from 20-40 years.  But when you factor in annual maintenance, asphalt pavement can cost four to seven times as much money to maintain.  This saves you long-term on repair and maintenance.

Environmental Differences of Paving Materials

Concrete is 100% recyclable, and the most recycled construction material in the world.  So rather than ending up in landfills, it can be broken down and used in new pavement, or for other construction purposes.  As stated earlier, concrete pavement requires less repair and maintenance over time.  This means less energy and fuel is needed for heavy construction equipment. 

How Concrete Affects Lighting & Electric Bills

Concrete is light in color, and naturally reflective.  Asphalt is black, and absorbs more heat.  So what does this mean?  By using concrete, the area around the pavement remains cooler, which means less waste of electricity for air conditioning.  It's also been said that work areas with concrete pavement required less lighting than asphalt pavements.  Since lighter colored pavements reflect indoor light better, it means you get the same visibility, but with less light needed.  For businesses that operate at night, having a concrete parking lot means better lighting, and increased safety.  Not only will it be easier for people to see, but a parking lot with better visibility can make people feel safer, which makes your business more inviting.

So Which Material is right for you?

When it comes to safety, long-term cost, durability, and environmental impact, concrete paving is obviously the best choice for parking lot paving and construction.  To learn more about what concrete can do for you, give Balducci Construction a call at (716) 632-6572.


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